Apothecary Featured Herb: Samhain Special

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This month, we’re bringing some special Samhain energy to our featured herb. We’ve got information on four of our favorite herbs for connecting with spirits and the season: mugwort, rosemary, marigold, and bay leaves.

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Mugwort is an excellent choice for Samhain rituals. This visionary herbs is known for its ability to enhance dreams and heighten psychic and intuitive abilities.

Place it under or near your pillow to help you have vivid lucid dreams. To get into the right frame of mind, set an intention before bed to remember your dreams.

You can use mugwort to smudge your home or space to clear negative energies. This is an especially useful practice at Samhain when the veil is thinner. Use it to keep out any unwanted spirits.


Easy to find right in your cabinet, rosemary is the perfect herb for remembrance and protection.  If you have an altar for your ancestors, place some sprigs of rosemary on it to honor them. If you don’t, try placing a few sprigs beside a photograph or keepsake of a deceased loved one. When you do this, think of a cherished memory. Speak, think, or write a loving message for them, and allow yourself to feel a sense of closeness.

You can also burn rosemary as incense to cleanse your altar or home. While you burn it, think about dispelling negative energies and replacing them with positive, loving light.


If you’ve ever seen people celebrating Dia de los Muertos, you’ve likely see bright orange marigolds on display.  We often associate this gorgeous flower with fire. This evokes the idea of lighting a fire to show your loved ones where to go. Both the light and the scent of the marigold can lead them to you.

Marigolds represent compassion and care during times of grief. They make a beautiful display and give us the opportunity to feel connected to others who are also mourning and remembering heir loved ones.

Hang a string of marigold flowers above your doorway for protection.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are a common ingredient in many rituals and spells. They enhance work divination and increase a person’s ability to tap into their innate intuitive power.

One great Samhain ritual you can do with bay leaves is to write the name of a loved one you wish to honor on the leaf and then burn it in the flame of a candle. Allow the fragrant scent to rise upward in remembrance.

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