Best Crystals for November: Stone Wisdom

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This month, we embrace a little bit of the darkness of the underworld with our Scorpio friends before celebrating the light of optimism with our Sagittarius friends. See how the qualities of our November stones might benefit you or someone you love. We’re counting our blessings as we head into the dark but busy winter season, finding spaces for quiet reflection and gratitude as we go.

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Pink Tourmaline – A Heart Centered Stone

pink tourmaline

November can be both a beautiful and trying month. During this time in which we celebrate with family and are asked to turn our minds and hearts toward gratitude, many of us also run into some emotionally painful spaces. For some, holidays accentuate what has been lost or places where we’re out of alignment with the important people in our lives. Gratitude for what we have also has a tendency to bring out sadness for all the wrongs of the past and present that we feel are beyond us to right. In this context, pink tourmaline is an excellent stone to work with.

Pink tourmaline is a heart healing stone, and we can work with it to deepen our sense of compassion, release old wounds, and foster connection with others. Many spiritual leaders across faiths have taught that one of the most effective tools we have in creating a better world is by creating a better self. When we can lift up our minds, find peace, and act from a place of equanimity, we can best help others. That is not an endorsement of spiritual bypassing. Self-care is not an adequate replacement for taking action in our communities. Rather, it is best to take action in our communities from an open heart, as our best selves.

To use pink tourmaline to help you through this holiday season or give you the warm courage required to start to soothe the many hurts of our individual and collective lives, take a moment to sit with the stone in your hand. Focus on building a radiant light right in the center of your chest. Imagine extending this light to one other person. Then, as it grows, you can eventually imagine extending this light to bigger and bigger spaces. Repeat this practice whenever you’re so moved, and you can eventually see your light expanding to the globe and beyond.

Lemon Topaz – for Manifestation

lemon topaz

Sunny lemon topaz is reminiscent of the powerful energy of the solar plexus chakra and the bright Sagittarius energy of late November and . This chakra, located in the center of our abdomens, is like a power generator for our energetic system. It’s where we digest what we take in and transform it into something that can nourish and sustain us. Using this stone along with our own considerable power, we’re able to focus our ability to manifest.

We throw around the concept of manifestation a lot. It can be misinterpreted as a shortcut to wish fulfillment. In reality, manifestation is about making the oustide like the inside, or as the magical maxim goes, “As above, so below.” When we get clear within ourselves about what we want and why, we’re able to move in the world in a way that facilitates those things coming into our lives. It’s real work.

To use lemon topaz as a manifestation stone this November, sit with it and write down something you really want to achieve. Be descriptive. The more detailed the better. Keep the stone somewhere you’ll see or feel it often, and when you do, take a moment to visualize your goal. See how clarity and consistency help you create the life you want for yourself.

Herkimer Diamonds

herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds aren’t actually diamonds, but they are super cool. These double terminated quartz stones develop in Herkimer, New York, and you can actually go mine for them yourself! If you’re looking for a unique November stone for a hard to impress Scorpio, this one might be it. In fact, they love digging underground for beautiful treasure.

In terms of properties, think of these gems as super quartz. We love quartz for its ability to clarify, focus, and enhance our intentions. Add these stones to an existing meditation or practice to amplify the power you’re producing!

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