1881 Memberships

Nothing beats the benefits of consistent self care. If you’d like to make regular visits to the salt room and the deep relaxation of massage a part of your routine, consider one of our membership packages today.

Save Money on Massages & Salt

Share with Family & Friends

Rollover unused Benefits

Save on Retail Purchases

Salt Memberships & Packages

$20 month / 1 free session

Monthly sessions help to maintain healthy lungs & skin

$100 month / 5 free sessions

Ideal for athletes, mental health and sharing with family & friends

$200 Package / 10 sessions

Ideal for addressing chronic respiratory or skin conditions and for sharing with family & friends

Massage Membership

$75 Monthly / 1 free 60 minute massage

Monthly massage addresses body tension and stress from work and daily activities

Includes 1881 Tranquility & Sanctuary Integrated Massages

Share your monthly free massage with up to two people!

Sanctuary Membership

$160 Monthly / 1 free 60 minute massage & unlimited salt sessions

Affordable way to include salt and massage as part of your regular physical and mental self-care

Save 12% by paying $422 quarterly – or even more at 15% by paying $816 for six months!

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