Part of our mission as community builders is to create space for practitioners to shine. Our sanctuary collaborators come from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing their unique gifts to our space. You’ll find our regulars available to book through our 1881 scheduler. Check out our calendar page to find special classes and events in our community spaces!

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Meghan Morrison &
Xtina Lengyel

In addition to their work as creatives, M and X are both born and trained intuitives who utilize a wide range of skills and tools to help their clients find clarity. Book them for their signature 10th House readings, reiki sessions, card-led intuitive readings, or personalized guided meditations on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

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Yoga by Steph

Stephanie’s mission is to help others create a deeper connection to their breath, physical body and their most authentic Self. She does this by holding safe and non-judgemental space for her clients and students and meeting them where they are. She truly loves what she does with helping others and is very passionate about her path and continues to work on herself also. She offers private and group yoga (all types including aerial), sound healing and reiki. She offers many community classes at various locations including the Salt Sanctuary. You can add any of her services along with your salt room session.

Private Sessions with Jennifer LaRue Medium @ 1881 Salt Sanctuary

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Jennifer LaRue

For many, death feels so permanent; so profound. What if it doesn’t have to be? What if you were given the opportunity to speak to a loved one that has left the physical world, would you? Jennifer LaRue is an evidential medium that communicates specific information or memories from loved ones on the Other Side to provide validation and connection.

From a young age, Jennifer was highly intuitive, but as she grew older she was taught to suppress her gifts. That was until the loss of Jennifer’s beloved Grandmother, who she affectionately called “Ga”. She later appeared to Jennifer and told her it was time to make a choice; continue life suppressing her gifts or embrace who she really is and move forward with her soul’s purpose”, without hesitation Jennifer was ready to embrace her gifts. Ga became Jennifer’s gatekeeper, helping her bridge the physical world and the spiritual world. She was quickly flooded with all things spiritual, intuitive, psychic and mediumship.

Jennifer began to work with the spirit world, including spirit guides, spirit teachers, the angelic realm, ascending masters and more.  In the psychical world, she sought out spiritual teachers, peers, books and classes. After many years of refining her gifts and a mentorship with a highly gifted, heart centered medium, she began fulfilling her commitment she made to her Ga, the spirit world and herself to help and inspire as many people as she can. 

Are you an individual practitioner working in holistic arts? Are you looking for an additional space to practice your work? Would you love to offer your clients the gift of sanctuary? We’re thrilled to expand our network of collaborators that have natural or holistic centric gifts to share with our community. If you are an intuitive, nutritionist, mental or wellness therapist, or other – and are looking for a place to meet with clients a a day or few days a month or week, please connect with us.