Best Crystals for October: Stone Wisdom

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October means Samhain and spooky season, one of our absolute favorite times of year. Another month also means it’s time to add some new crystals to the old repertoire. This October, we’re looking at the best stones for Libras and Scorpios in your life. These pack a double whammy because they are also amazing crystals to get you into the Halloween spirit.

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Peach Moonstone – A stone of harmony

two polished pieces of peach moonstone

Like all varieties of Moonstone, Peach Moonstone appears to glow from within. This is a very appropriate choice for the glowing Libra, who brings beauty and harmony everywhere they go. Allow Peach Moonstone to bring balance however you use it, but know it is an especially powerful stone for healing. Meditate with it to focus on bringing your body into alignment.

Its peach color reminds us of the sacral chakra, the area of the body with which we associate birth, connection, creativity, and new life. The stone’s connection to the moon adds another layer of feminine symbolism. It’s a phenomenal stone to invoke the qualities of divine Venus who rules over Libra season. Peach Moonstone is a strong choice for womxn in your life or to bring out the mystical, healing feminine energies in whoever carries it.

Obsidian – Drawing out shadows

close up of obsidian in rock

Reflective, deep, and dark, Obsidian is a type of igneous rock that has made a name for itself well outside the crystal community. Black is a strongly protective color, which is why many witches and other practitioners wear it—not just because it evokes the super cool beauty and spookiness of the night.

Obsidian is a grounding stone. Use it when you want to find your center and remind yourself that you are safe and stable. Use the infinite strength of the earth below you to support and stabilize, both literally and emotionally.

Obsidian is a great tool for shadow work. In fact, it’s one of the best crystals for bringing light to the darkness. Try a meditation like this one to assist in healing parts of yourself you usually keep in the dark.

Sit in a comfortable position in a (mostly) dark room with a few candles or salt lamps lit for your safety. Hold a piece of Obsidian in your hand, and breathe deeply for several minutes. Once your mind has had some time to settle, ask yourself: what am I hiding from myself? Imagine the reflective surface of the Obsidian showing you whatever the answer is. Observe whatever comes into your mind. Be gentle with yourself. There’s no need to do anything. When you’re ready, thank the stone for assisting you, and thank yourself for doing the work. Return to your normal activities with a deepened sense of awareness about your own mind.

Smoky Quartz – Best crystal for getting witchy this October

close-up of smoky quartz piece

Much like Obsidian, the dark nature of Smoky Quartz makes it one of the best protective stones you can use. Quartz is incredibly common and incredibly powerful, used in everything from crystal balls to timepieces. Smoky quartz looks as though it has been charred, with color ranging from opaque black to misty grays and browns.

When you want to get into a witchy mood, we can’t think of a better rock to spend some time with. Specifically, this stone is associated with Hecate, one of our favorite mythical figures. Hecate is the triple-bodied Greek goddess of magic. She’s known as one who rules over boundaries and crossroads, so if you want to honor witches past, sit or hang some smoky quartz above your door.

Hecate is known for her expertise in herbalism, her association with dogs, and her connection to women, so she’s a great goddess to have around a place like 1881. We’re a women-owned apothecary with a trio of pups and a great collection of Smoky Quartz! Come on down to get a little more of our Samhain magic in your life this October!

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