Best Crystals for May: Stone Wisdom

three pieces of rose quartz with the heart chakra symbol in the center

We’re loving May and happy to bring you some wisdom on a few of the best crystals for the month.

We’ve chosen a selection of stones perfect for working with the energies of the month. From the traditional birthstone to more unusual pairings, these stones are sure to help you expand your holistic arts toolbox! Anyone can work with these crystals, but in May we’re focusing on crystals that pair especially well with Taurus and Gemini energy!

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Chrysocolla: Throat Chakra Healing

image of chrysocolla with throat chakra symbol, text reads Chrysocolla: Throat Chakra Healing

The gorgeous blue-green chrysocolla is an excellent stone to compliment the communicative skills of Geminis. The sign of the twin begins in the latter part of the month.

Receiving its hue from the copper in its makeup, chrysocolla is a messenger stone, capable of conducting our thoughts, wisdom, and inspiration into expression.

Often associated with women and feminine energy, this stone is both intuitive and clarifying. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to attune the energy of their throat chakra or to articulate their truths in a way that will be well-received by others.

One of the Best Crystals for the Heart Chakra: Emerald

emerald stone with heart chakra image, text reads May Birthstone: Emerald, Heart Chakra Healing

The traditional birthstone for May, Emerald is a stone that reflects the soothing green energy of the heart chakra. Emeralds assist with patience and longevity within partnerships.

This stone draws a beautiful parallel to the enduring stability we associate with the sign of Taurus. The bull presides over the first three weeks of May and loves the comfort of structure.

Much like the lush plant life we see all around us this time of year, this green crystal invites us to regenerate ourselves and our sense of optimism. It helps us to focus our gaze on the steady pleasures of life.

When we apply the deep discernment and gentle compassion of our hearts to our relationships with others, we’re able to flourish, express ourselves clearly and kindly, and clear away any clouds blurring our intuitive perceptions.

More Heart Chakra Healing: Rose Quartz

three rose quartz stones with the symbol for the heart chakra, text reads: Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra Healing

While soft, inviting, and gentle, the rose quartz is not a stone to be underestimated. This light pink stone is one of the most powerful crystals for inviting love and compassion into our lives. It helps us to turn on the energy of the heart chakra.

The love facilitated by rose quartz is unconditional and deeply healing. When we focus on this energy, we’re able to generate sweetness within ourselves and toward others. Use this stone as a focal point for meditation or carry it with you when you want to lightly redirect your attention toward acts of kindness.

With rose quartz, we are reminded that our relationship to self supersedes all other relationships. When we offer ourselves the love we require, we are best able to draw in the affection of others.

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