Best Crystals for June: Stone Wisdom

an arrangement of June crystals available at 1881: Ammonite, Peach Moonstone, Candle Quartz, Serpentine, Ocean Jasper, Onyx bracelets, and Shungite

This June, we’re bringing you some of the best crystals to suit the moods of early summer. We’ve pulled our stone wisdom to help you choose the best crystal gifts for dads, grads, Geminis, and Cancers. If none of the above apply, you can always treat yourself to a Solstice celebration!

After reading up, be sure to visit the apothecary to see some of the new inventory Robbi and Nikki picked up at the New Jersey Gem Show.

June Birthstone: Peach Moonstone

Moonstone, along with Pearl and Alexandrite, is one of the birthstones for June babies. We love our collection of unique and gorgeous Peach Moonstones for their ability to help us tap into our higher selves. These orangey-pink gems awaken the creative energies of the sacral chakra and the intuitive energies of the third eye. Enjoy its grounding feminine energies as they bring calm and ease to your emotional experience.

Giving you a direct line to your intuition, Moonstone makes a beautiful pairing with our upcoming Evening with Spirit featuring evidential medium, Jennifer LaRue.

Best Protective Crystal for June: Shungite

Shungite is a simple black stone identified by its very high carbon content. This particular stone contains fullerenes, a hollow configuration of carbon molecules, which make it a highly effective filter and has been used for centuries to purify water in its native Russia. In fact, we sell bag of it for exactly that purpose at the apothecary.

In recent years, people have discovered that the same protective properties that make it a great filter also help to reduce EMF radiation. You can buy EMF shield sets for your phones and electronics at our apothecary.

Best Crystal for Clarifying Energy: Serpentine

Serpentine derives its name from its coloring. Its olive green hue, often speckled with darker patches which appear scaly, call to mind the serpents of ancient mythology. Within the Vedic tradition, kundalini energy is represented by a snake coiled at the base of the spine. Yogis practice with breath and movement to awaken this energy and draw it up and through the higher chakras. Similarly, Serpentine can help you to ground at the root and clear and invigorate the higher chakras. This allows you the inner space and power to cultivate a sense of oneness and altruism for the world around you.

Serpentine would make a great stone to use during our Summer Solstice event or any of our yoga classes.

Other June crystals you can pick up at the shop include:
Ammonite, Candle Quartz, Onyx, and Ocean Jasper.

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