Best Crystals for July: Stone Wisdom

July stones in sandy gravel

We’ve got some perfect stones to compliment your seashell collection this month. Our first two resonate well with Cancer, the crabby sign presiding over most of July. Our third can help you kick off Leo season at the end of the month with a gem guaranteed to draw attention! Thanks for joining us as we share some stone wisdom about a few crystals, and come on down to the gift shop and apothecary at 1881 to grab a few of the best crystals for July for your collection!

Ocean Jasper – A Soothing Stone for Cancer Season

ocean jasper in gravel

A type of Chalcedony only found along the shores of Madagascar, Ocean Jasper is a beautiful stone that reflects its name. Formed in the cooling of volcanic lava, the stone features circular pockets of color and sparkling cracks and curves. Its green, brown, blue, and white hues evoke the ocean and a sense of calm. Allow them to settle your energies like a soothing tide.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac, sharing its connection to the sea with Ocean Jasper. The stone, too, can remind us of maternal energies, fostering patience, unconditional love, and nurturing. Use it to meditate when you’re looking for a gentle assist to your intuition. Envision yourself being calmly rocked by the sea or the arms of a mother. It’s definitely one of the best crystals for July if you find yourself extra emotional during this highly sensitive season.

Ammonite (Best Not Actual Crystal for July)

pearlized ammonite in sandy gravel

We’re huge fans of Ammonite at 1881. If you ever visit the salt room, you’ll see our huge pair in the hallway along with the many we have for sale in the retail space. Ammonites are actually the fossils of ammonoids, marine animals that evolved about 400 million years ago and have been extinct for about 65 million years. (Imagine them like a combination of a snail and a squid.) We’ve got several kinds, but we are particularly fond of the gorgeous sheen to pearlized ammonites like the one above.

Because of their beautiful spiral pattern, you’ll often find them split into pairs. This makes them a perfect set to share with a friend or loved one. The spiral represents our journey in life and the profound gift of being able to visit the same places from different vantage points as we grow personally. Similarly, sending energy through a spiral allows it to transmute. Visualize it moving inward to dissipate and outward to amplify.

Labradorite – A Glint in the Eye for the End of July

a large piece of labradorite sitting in gravel

Labradorite is a stone that will leave you wondering if there’s more beneath the surface. Slight shifts in the light or your perspective reveal breathtaking layers of bright green and blue. Its mysterious depth hints at the frozen North from which it came and received its name. Indigenous mythology places the origin of this fascinating stone in the heart of the Aurora Borealis, explaining the way the stone looks almost as if it’s lit from within.

Labradorite is a wonderful stone for enhancing your psychic and intuitive abilities. Grab a piece if you want to delve deeper into your magical or spiritual side. Use it to connect to spirits and guides or to balance and protect your energies before undertaking spiritual work. For Leo season, which begins in the last third of the month, it’s one of the best crystal choices. It radiates outer beauty that hints at the powerful inner strength of the heart. It’s also known for aiding in issues with the lungs, making it a great stone to bring with you for a meditation or sound healing in the Salt Room this July.

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