Best Crystals for August: Stone Wisdom

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We’re so excited to bring you our top picks for rocks to add to your collection this month. The best crystals for August are ones that reflect the radiance of the Sun, just like the Leos born at the end of summer. We’ve also got a grounding stone to help match the moods of down-to-earth Virgos who were born closer to the end of the month.

No matter which vibe suits you, we’d love to see you stop by the Sanctuary gift shop to see how we can add to your super cool rock collection.

Mookaite – A Warm Meditation

With its fiery hues, Mookaite absolutely exudes the best aspects of bright Leo energy. Found in a small region of western Australia called Mooka (or “running water”) Creek, this bright stone derives its name and significance from the language of the Aboriginal people who first discovered it. The stone is a type of Jasper that features bright reds, yellows, and deep browns. Beyond its arresting beauty, Mookaite has a number of properties gem collectors can use to tune into their physical, mental, spiritual wellness.

a piece of mookaite with several colors

To tap into Mookaite’s energetic properties, try this meditation:

Begin by sitting comfortably. Hold a piece of Mookaite in your lap, resting the palms of your hands on the floor beside you. (You can rest them on the seat or arms of your chair if the floor isn’t comfortable.) Visualize grounding red earth energy moving up through your hands and the base of your spine, promoting a sense of safety throughout your body. Breathe slowly and deeply. Visualize this energy moving upward and inward through your arms and spine, converging at your solar plexus. When it has reached the center, imagine the energy becoming a bright yellow sun. Allow yourself to feel filled with lightness, optimism, and power. Sit with the feeling of this mini-generator at your core as long as you’d like, then move through your day feeling empowered and inspired!

Carnelian – One of the Best Stones for Fire Energy

a piece of carnelian that looks like it has flames in it

Late summer is the perfect time to bask in the creative flow. Just as lions are known for their affinity for self-expression, carnelian is one of the best crystals for bringing you the confidence to share your gifts. It’s the perfect stone to bring along to an outdoor show, festival, or gathering.

Embrace this red-orange stone whenever you need an infusion of passion in your life. Carnelian has been counted on for centuries as mirror for the qualities we often associate with the fire element. Just think inspiration, initiation, leadership, and stamina. Wear or carry it to light your inner wand and keep the magic flowing!

Petrified Wood – A Powerful Fossil

a field of petrified wood

Just like our favorite ammonites, petrified wood is actually the fossilized form of something that lived long ago. In this case, it’s vegetation like trees. Their structure is slowly replaced with minerals. The result is a rock resembling the shape and appearance of the original plant. The slow process is a gentle reminder to be patient with ourselves and the world around us.

For this reason, it’s a perfect vessel for grounding earth energy and a great complement for thoughtful Virgos. A combination of plants and minerals brings together the vital energy of something that was once living with the nurturing foundation of stone. Turn to petrified wood for gentle support when you’re experiencing anxiety or need to relax and relinquish control in the face of change, whether that change is occurring too slowly or too quickly for your liking.

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